Success Stories

Gastric band success story

I didn’t want to be ‘big, fat and fifty’

“I looked at some photos of myself and was horrified at how old I had become through gaining so much weight, it just wasn’t the real ‘me’.”

A chance meeting with a lady who had lost 10 stone following a gastric band led Amanda to investigate surgery for herself.

“I was really nervous about the procedure, but having the gastric band has changed my life, I no longer have to cover up with long shirts and my biggest thrill is being able to fit into a pair of jeans with a fitted top!”


Gastric bypass success storyI’m half the man I was!

“I tried so many diets but would always put the weight back on.  My GP referred me to the NHS but nothing happened so I researched a private gastric bypass. I had a consultation which dispelled my nerves and at 31st I had my procedure.

One year on I have lost 16 stone and dropped from a 7XL top and 60 inch waist to a large top and 36inch waist trousers. I was able to come off my blood pressure tablets straight after the operation.

I have so many more options now, I can fit into a cinema seat and ride a bike. My gastric bypass has literally given me back my life.”


Gastric sleeve success story

I lost 10 stone in 10 months

“I am stunned at how I looked just 10 months ago. I had retired on the grounds of ill health and as a result of steroids and anti-psychotic drugs my weight had ballooned to 23 stones. It had been a gradual process, but here I was aged 56 with inherited genes that predisposed me to diabetes and a serious weight problem.

I had my consultation and opted for a gastric sleeve. Within 2 weeks of the operation I was “normal”. My blood pressure and blood sugars are normal. I can walk without perspiring and can run for a bus – it’s magic!


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